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Responsible Tourism
Responsible tourism is about making travel better - both for the guest and for the host

Responsible TourismIt’s not the beautiful places one sees that stays in your heart, but the people one meets and the experiences one has. Responsible tourism is not just a set of guidelines, it is simply - following the heart.

And travel with the heart creates memories, friendships and moments that last a lifetime. It makes a positive contribution to the natural and cultural heritage of a place. It makes possible understanding the lives of your hosts and thereby making enriching exchanges for both host and traveller.

The ‘Heart Traveller’ becomes culturally sensitive, creating space for hosts as well as themselves to respect each other and learn from each other’s diverse backgrounds and different up-bringing.
If you are a Heart Traveller then you are welcome to discover a new India with us. One that is not on any map, but in the spaces of friendships and faces of people.

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'A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles.'
- Tim Cabill
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