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Travel Another India welcomes you to a new experience of hosting heart travellers and responsible guests for an exchange that’s more than just monetary. If you are a family, entrepreneur, eco-hotelier, rural tourism initiator/developer, community, group, village or panchayat with a unique experience to offer, we would love to join hands for a sustainable venture. These partnerships and ventures are now successfully setting a benchmark for a new approach to tourism - one that is beneficial and sensitive towards the traveller and host alike.

Travel Trade companies, agents, tour operators & guides, wildlife, rural & adventure tourism agencies can offer another India to their clients through a partnership with us. We are creating a new and viable system of give-and-take in a very niche market of tourism. .

Responsible tourism is now the way to travel and build meaningful enterprises that are sustainable for both host and adventurers alike. It fosters the seeds for a far more integrated, aware and empathic society. If you would like to make a contribution into a particular set up or for new research, ventures or communities, we would love to involve you in the process. You could invest in a responsible tourism venture or lend support in taking a project forward.

If you are amongst any of the above and would like to join hands with us please do write to us at:

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The most important trip you may take in life is meeting people halfway.'
- Henry Boye
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