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Journey without BarriersJourneys without Barriers (JwB), a wing of Travel Another India, is an initiative that provides the experience of barrier-free travel for an emerging global market- that of persons with disabilities and senior citizens. 

JwB will enable a process, whereby persons with disabilities enjoy the benefits of leisure and travel, while contributing to the growth of the tourism industry and the economy at large. The focus will be on developing accessible tourism opportunities in India, while tapping on the global market of persons with disabilities and senior citizens.

AccessAbility,  India’s premier Access Consultancy firm advises Journeys without Barriers on improving accessibility at locations and making them more inclusive for all users. AccessAbility strongly believes that an inclusive environment significantly contributes towards making a better tomorrow for all.


Journey without BarriersLeast restrictive travelling: The objective of JwB is to ensure that travellers with disabilities enjoy the experience of visiting a new place, have a comfortable stay and absorb the culture and environment of the area- all with minimal restrictions to their travel and mobility. The idea is to enable the disabled person to feel confident about being tourists and that they will not face many barriers.

JwB, through its partners ensures:

     a) Basic accessibility in all the services, eg, accommodation and travel etc;
     b) Provision of physical assistance where necessary, eg, while transferring from a vehicle, crossing the road etc; and
     c)  Safety within the services provided, eg , safe transfers to and from the wheel chair, safety while walking/climbing etc.

Economic viability to the stakeholders: We operate on the premise that it makes good business sense to promote inclusive tourism and therefore all the stakeholders will stand to gain economically. As majority of our stakeholders-especially the primary affiliate and service providers are from local communities, income generated from each enterprise will benefit and contribute to sustaining these local economies, in the long run. We will, thus, develop business plans, promote entrepreneurial skills of the stakeholders and develop marketing strategies for the venture.

Needless to say, each venture will be unique in the way it  is developed, depending on the place, the tourism potential, the nature of the stakeholders and accessibility of the environment.


We have identified four main stakeholders, through whom we will promote the venture:

The primary affiliate: JwB will engage with any individual/ group with an interest in such a venture. The individual/group may or may not have a prior experience in tourism, but should be willing to pioneer such an initiative and take the responsibilities that go with it.

We specially encourage individuals with disabilities/ disability groups to promote these ventures.

Service providers: This will include the range of service provides to the tourism industry - hotels, restaurants, tour operators, taxi operators, environment clubs, architects, etc. Making these businesses accessible will be a large part of JwB’s focus. Towards this, JwB will conduct access audits, lobby for better access, provide training on access issues and promote these as responsible ventures in the travel industry. JwB's endeavour will be to promote design for all-so that it enables a wide range of people from a wide range of situations to access the services. This will, naturally, increase their turnover and be more economically beneficial to the service providers.

Department of tourism, local and national: The Ministry of Tourism in India, has started promoting inclusion in its agenda. We will involve the local tourism departments to ensure that the policies translate well as a practice.

JwB initiatives

Himalaya on Wheels

The Kovalam project (Coming up)






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Want to be a JwB stakeholder?

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If you are interested in being a primary affiliate, that is, if you wish to promote inclusive tourism in your locality, we can support you in setting up the venture.

If you have expertise in the area of hospitality, universal design, training in disability management, travel writing- we would love to add you as our resource.

If you publish newsletters, magazines, journals, and are interested in our venture- we will be happy to provide you with information and articles.

If you run a travel company/website-we can collaborate to promote the venture

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